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Friday, June 08, 2012

Bus to Burgos!

We arrived in Burgos this morning around 10:40 after a 2.5 hour bus ride. It was fun seeing the other pilgrims walking and we laughed and pointed and sang 'Ultreia!'

Waiting for the Bus

Fred explains the Creation of the World

Getting checked into Hostal Carrales ran quite smoothly.
Only one room was not quite ready.
Everyone else was able to check in immediately.

As soon as the business was finished I went for coffee.
Burgos was like a ghost town.
I asked the bartender "Donde esta todo el mundo?"

He told me there was a fiesta today.
It's a local fiesta and pretty much everything in town is closed.

So...I took a walk about 2 kilometers to the end of town.
 It was like swimming in a school of fish.
It seemed like everyone in the city was walking in that direction and the closer we got,
 the tighter the mob.
By the time we turned off and crossed the bridge into a park,
we were packed in like sardines

Beautiful sycamores will make shade in the summer

Pig's Ears on Toast!

Here is a lady getting ready to eat the tapas she has stood in line for. 

Only 1 euro would buy you a choice of chorizo, morcilla, 
fried pigs ears, chicken kabob, or a few others.
 For 3 euros you could get raciones of paella with seafood, goat stew, 
and other yummy items. 
Beer and wine were only 1 euro. 
But it was literally a madhouse!

There was so much dust and the cottonwood fluff was like snow!

We had our tapas then decided not to stay. 
I imagine tonight will be wild and fun but tomorrow we have a 6 am bus

The bad news was Vodafone was closed so I couldn't charge my phone 
and the museum and archeological site of Atapuerca was closed!!! 
Some of our walkers(and I) were very disappointed.
 I suggested they might see it tomorrow and catch a later bus to Leon.

Some of us paid 4,50 euros to ride the tourist choo-choo. It was actually not a bad deal. It gave us a good view of the old outer city walls and we saw several churches I didn't know about. I think it's a good thing to do when trying to decide where to walk and what to see.

The Choo-Choo in Burgos is worth the 4 Euros

Cobblestone Road
Just a tip. As I walked home this afternoon I saw chocolate and churros advertised along the riverside for 4,50 euros. I felt that was too much ($5.61 US) so I turned left up a tiny street and found a square with the same chocolate and churros for 2,80 euros.

Next trip I'd like to see the archaeological museum.
It is supposed to be fantastic.
You can take a bus out to the dig site, also.
Maybe I'll catch it in June.

Tomorrow we bus to Leon.

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