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Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Bus Day For Me to Palas de Rei

This morning the cold in my chest continues to hang on,
so I decided today would be a bus day for me.

As I said goodbye to the other walkers,
prepared in various stages of rain and walking gear,
I felt a little sad because today is some of my favorite walking.
However, I need to stay warm and shake this cold.

I guess this nasty bug is making its way around in peregrino land because about 5 other pilgrims, all grasping Kleenex or hankies, joined me in the bus to Lugo, where we will catch an Empresa Freire to Palas.

Several pilgrims were treated to Fred's now-famous French toast for breakfast this morning. Now THAT is a good way to make pilgrims happy!

Teresa and Miranda made an early start, as did Brenda.
 Joe took off next with Maeve close behind, followed by Bob and Evette

The Hong Kong hikers are starting later these days but are still smoking us on the trail. Those ladies are in excellent condition!

Fred and Judi and I left last. They have a wonderfully relaxed pace that I admire. Taking time to enjoy each moment on the trail is a special skill.

Each person in this group seems to have really found their own way of walking. It's been encouraging watching their strength. Some have grown in leaps and bounds. Some in more subtle ways.

I've learned a lot about myself on this trip. Seems there is always a lesson waiting round the next bend.

Just another reason I love the Camino.

The bus stop

I had to catch a small bus to the big bus station.
The fare here from Portomarin was 2,50 euros.
Much less than a taxi.
The bus left Portomarin at 9:15 am.

Here is the big bus to Palas.
The fare was 2,80 euros. It leaves at 11 am.

Below is a photo of our lodging.
Pension Palas at Palas de Rei is a great Pension.
 Up above the town, we have views of the surrounding hills 
and the local lavadero used by women to wash clothes 
until fairly recent times.

The path to this pension is clearly marked from the Camino 
Just turn right at the Cabanas (there is a sign saying Pension Palas). 
Walk down the hill to the main road. 
Turn left onto the highway. 
You can now see the pension in the distance 
Turn left at the next street (another sign). 
Follow the street up to the door.

The rooms are spacious, clean and modern. They are also ensuite.

If you continue walking down the hill 
you will find a small but sufficient market to your left 
and a panaderia to your right.

Tomorrow will take us past Melida, 
where Brierley says you can find very good pulpo.

Pension Palas
When I book my lodging, I always am sure to leave a note
requesting "no parfume, por favor - tengo allergias!"
So far, I've been very lucky.
Almost none of the places were scented.
If it does happen that they are using something toxic for me,
I always have my trust tent!

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