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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Half-full or Half-empty?

I saw this tile today stuck to a Camino milepost
as I was walking to Villafranca del Bierzo.
 I recognized it as being Portuguese - It reads:

"To live with the hope of better days
contributes decisively to the development of man. "

For me, each day on the Camino is better than the day before -
even the days of testing and trial are good days
because I am breathing, walking, smelling, seeing, feeling.

I watched a young man with cerebral palsy
slowly but steadily make his way up a hill two days ago
 and realized any complaint I might have about anything on this trip is frivolous.
I have no real problems.

As an old friend once told me,
 'Life is good!
 Even when it sucks, it's good!'.
He was right.

The Camino is a great testing ground
where we learn how little we need to truly make us happy.
To recognize this changes us profoundly.

I want to thank those who have responded to my efforts
to show them the pilgrim life with such grace and kindness.

You are like the bright stars
that shine from the dark field we pilgrims walk under
 on our way to Santiago.

You ...are... true... pilgrims.

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