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Monday, June 18, 2012

Arzua to Arca - Chanterelles?

On our way to Arca today we walked through miles of eucalyptus forest.
Mycology is an interest of ours and we were looking at the various types of mushrooms growing on the forest floor, many familiar as also growing in Oregon.

Suddenly we gasped as we recognized a bright orange friend that we don't usually see until October...could it be...??!??

It was a chanterelle! Not one, but a bank full! They were small and would have been perfect for eating in a couple of weeks but we are here now. So...we picked enough for our morning omelette.

I wonder why the chanterelles are out so early? Maybe Mother Nature is tricking the shroomies as well as the pilgrim with this Autumn-like weather?

We picked quite a few for tomorrow's breakfast... yum!

Soon we arrived at Pension Maribel. This little albergue sits next door to another one called Pension Arco Pino.

Both are lovely. Both have a nice common area where you can cook. They have free wi-fi and Arco Pino has a beautiful garden where you can relax. Highly recommended.

Arco Pino uses an air freshener that gives me a migraine, however, so I usually settle into Maribel. We were offered the downstairs apartment at Pension Maribel. It was a luxurious rest with our own living room and terrace. We were able to get all of our laundry done for our trek on the Pelgrimspad beginning in two days.

Thank you, Maribel, for your generosity!
Bedroom at Maribel. See Fall trip for more photos.
We went into the kitchen to have a late afternoon coffee and found this note waiting for us along with some yummy treats!  Small things like the sharing of food makes the Camino experience a sweet one.

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