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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

To Molinaseca

 The walking from Rabanal to Molinaseca was wet, cold, and windy.  We were treated to a few rainbows along the way, however, which made it easier to walk.

We always stop to see our friends along the way.
 The group stayed at Casa Reloj in Molinaseca, 
a beautiful old farmhouse converted into a Casa Rural.
The 'clockhouse' is a very special place to sleep. A giant fireplace with a warm fire welcomed the tired, cold, wet pilgrims. The rooms were warm and the beds comfortable. The house is filled with interesting antiques, including collections of old farming implements, hand carved marrionettes, and religious statuary. The price included a generous breakfast.

An Oca Board

The walls were covered with beautiful old statues, some chalk ware and some metal. They reminded me of the 'lara' the Romans placed to protect and bless their homes. Everywhere I looked was something interesting to see.

The amphora looked as though they could still be in use.

The bench backs were single planks, polished by centuries of use.

The hostess was so kind, offering us wine, coffee, and fresh roasted almonds. She has 9 children, some of whose photos adorn the walls upstairs.

Wonderful place!

Antique farm implements lined one wall.

Afternoon Cocktails

The fire was nice . . .

Galia checks tomorrow's weather

Teresa and Galia warm their bones by the fire.

Tomorrow is a short walk.

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