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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Today, Rabanal del Camino

Today our group will bus to Astorga then walk to Rabanal del Camino. We will be passing the famous Cowboy Bar in El Ganso. The walk is gentle, about 20 kilometers but we will be getting a late start due to the limited Sunday bus schedule.
It was chilly, but the wildflowers were beautiful!
Cherries were ripe all along the Camino

This farm implement was dragged with horses for a variety of uses, from threshing wheat and flax to hulling corn.
To show you the size

The stork nests were filled with young.

Breakfast along the way was hot chocolate, tortilla, and bread.

The walking from Santa Catalina de Somoza was gorgeous. The purple lavender mixed with the bright yellow Scotch Broom (complementary colors on the color wheel) were exquisite and painted the Camino all the way to Rabanal!

Ruins between Astorga and Rabanal.

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This Pilgrim Tree is a pretty place to rest in Spring and a shady place in summer.

Miranda is happy to be at Rabanal!

Fred is sharing some local cheese he bought.

Here is the view from my window at Rabanal del Camino!
We couldn't ask for better walking weather!

The pension has computers and a nice living room.

Between the two wings is a place for hanging laundry to dry.

Many lovely antiques decorate the halls.

El Refugio is one of my favorite hostals.

We attended Vespers which was sang by Benedictine monks.

Everyone loved the fish soup served at dinner

El Refugio in Rabanal del Camino served a very good Pilgrim Menu for the affordable price of 10 euros.

After soup (fish or veggie) came a choice of chicken, pork, beef, fish, or eggs. Delicious dessert choices followed, including my favorite, flan. The meal was topped off by bread and tinto wine.

What a deal!

Teresa and Bob enjoy their soup!

We stay at Hostal El Refugio. I booked dinner for 7 pm and everyone was pleased with the food.

Many of us attended vespers at the chapel across the street.

I'm feeling better every day. I'm still coughing, clearing my lungs, but my energy has returned. I've developed two weird callouses on the outside of my big toes, like ridges. I think the skin is being pinched between the shoe and insert. I slapped on some compeed until I have time to shave off the hard skin and dress the toes. They don't really hurt. Just an annoyance. Someone suggested duct taping the seam inside the show and I think I'll try that tonight.

Well, time to head out for the estacion de autobuses.

Hasta luego!

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