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Friday, June 08, 2012

View from my room

There are many benefits to leading a group like ours on the Camino.

Most of our airfare and lodging is covered.

We make wonderful friends from all over the world and learn about our cultural differences and similarities.

We get to walk our beloved Camino and derive the mental and physical health benefits from the steady exercise and fresh air.

We do not have to carry full packs - much of the weight is transported by Caminofacil. I see pilgrims struggling with huge packs and I'm thankful.

We get private rooms!!! This a huge boon!!!

Unlike most pilgrims on the Camino, we do not have to climb into top bunks with our painful feet. Remember those torturous square metal ladder rungs!?

Our showers drain and the water is always hot! We don't have to fish someone else's hair or compeed or band aids out of the drain.

There is toilet paper! There is a mirror on every bathroom wall We rarely must queue for the toilet and the bathrooms are clean! All the toilets have clean seats.

Sometimes we even have washing machines. I don't have to worry about someone nabbing my clothes or walking sticks or shoes.

There are televisions in the rooms. Wow!

Nobody rustles bags at 4 am each morning. Nobody shines a headlamp into your eyes at 3 am.

Nobody snores (except me) and I don't have to convince anyone if I want the window open at night.

Nobody else has slept on tonight's sheets. They are freshly laundered. I have blankets and a pillow each night

I have a REAL terrycloth towel for my shower. It is clean and I don't have to carry it.

Most nights I can stay in the shower as long as I want and nobody knocks on the door.

All said and done, this is a pretty cushy pilgrimage.

Our job is clear and a fun challenge. We must do our best to find the best lodging available for our walkers and still stay within our tight budget. We offer the walkers the best budget rooms we can find and often take the less desirable rooms for ourselves.

But even the less desirable rooms are better than most regular pilgrim Albergues. Any pilgrim who has walked the Camino the hard way will appreciate the luxury of a one-star hotel.

Here is a view from my window tonight. And you know what?

I love it!

Buen Camino,


  1. Can't tell ya how good that all sounds! If I were 30 years old I'd pull out all the stops -- walk the whole way, sleeping rough, carrying everything on my back.... But I'm almost 30x2, and have broken this and strained that over the course of a very busy life.... And if I'm blessed to do the Camino before I meet my Maker its going to have to be your way!

    Fr. Jeffrey
    Fredericksburg VA USA

  2. Aren't you happy you did it!?
    I am!


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