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Monday, September 24, 2012

Casa Reloj

Casa Reloj continues to be one of my favorite places to stay. 

Look at all the antique religious statues on the wall.
And the cabinet full of hand-made marionettes is something very special.

Jeffrey stamps his Credential.
And as evening falls,
we sit 
and reflect on the difficult and windy day.

The wine provided by the Lady of the House
flowed freely,
and everyone shared food and conversation.

Today was surreal to me.
The rainbow, the wind, the walk...

Tonight I have a room high on the top floor.
This is the view out of my window from my bed.
The sunset... 
Oh! I can't begin to describe it.
On and off, the sky was cloudy then clear.
The rain started, then stopped.
I slept with the window open until 4 am,
when early rising pilgrims began their journey
and set the dogs to barking.
It was heavenly!

Morning came and we went downstairs
to a beautiful breakfast set for us. 

Coffee, Tea, freshly squeezed orange juice,
bread, butter, jam,
Marias, fresh fruit,
and even fresh farm eggs for the cooking!
A feast!

Time to walk again...

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