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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 13 to Molinaseca

The sky was dark as we left Rabanal. . . 

 but soon, we were blessed by RAINBOWS!

Then DOUBLE rainbows!

 When the sun did break through, 
it was with great beauty and strength!

Then, more cloudy cold walking...

 And then the rain began.
Soaked, we stopped for a rest in Foncabadon
where we ran into Patty.

The man who runs the cafe there
was in the United States Marine Corps
and is always very friendly.
We enjoy stopping here for coffee when we walk this section.

After a coffee and pastry,
the ALTUS raincoats went back on,
and we headed toward Manjarin,
passing the Cruz de Ferro on the way.
Here are Anita and Linda at the Cruz!

Photo by Linda Hendricks
Manjarin is a very interesting place.
I've written more about it in previous posts.

There is a toilet there...
although it may not be what you expect!
Patty calls it 
"Latrine with a view"
At least there is a building there;
in the old days it was just a hole in the ground!  
This is FANCY!

Resident Gato
Walking down, 
we hit wind.
Cold wind.

 I was happy to see Acebo ahead of us.

It was a very steep, rocky climb down into Acebo.
With the wind blowing against us,
sometimes almost blowing us over,
it made for a difficult walk.

 But thankfully, 
at the end of the trail,
THIS waited!

After a rest
and food and drink,
we began the climb down into Riego and Molinaseca

Once again,
the skies were stormy but gorgeous!
Photo by Patty Moak

Photo by Patty Moak

Soon, we were resting at Casa Reloj in Molinaseca.
Photo by Patty Moak

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