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Friday, September 28, 2012

Resting at Casa Morgade and on to Portomarin

The last photo are of Katie, Lon, and Patty enjoy a break at Casa Morgade. We picked up Lon and his daughter Katie in Sarria. They are a delightful addition to our walking group!

I had to take these photos if the dog begging one pilgrim for a bite if his bocadillo
while the other pilgrim dressed his sore foot.

After a short rest at Casa Morgade, 
we were off on our way to Portomarin,
where we stayed at Albergue Ultreia.

It is always sad to see graffiti on ancient treasures.
Makes me wonder if it's Pilgrims
or ignorant local children.

 This pilgrim has a good idea.
He's PUSHING his pack to Santiago!

We stop for lunch near Ferreiros.
Spanish tuna makes a great sammie!

This was a beautiful cross and tribute,
to what I'm not sure?

All along The Way 
we see many many crosses.
Some are decorated like this one,
by Pilgrims walking by.
Others are stark.
All serve as a reminder to the suffering
of a Pilgrim,
as well as other more religious reminders
to some.

This section of Spain is so pretty to me!

 A lovely cup of tea!

Tribute to the Pope.

My shoes are ready for a rest.

A horreo against a dark blue sky. 
These are made to hold grain, mostly corn.
They are protected by the government
and may not be dismantled.
Some are wooden, like this one.
Others are made of brick and/or stone.

 I just can't stop taking photos of the blue sky!

Our path today, in this section, is paved.

After a steep climb down into the river valley,
we see OLD Portomarin.
The water is very low.
This is the first time I've seen this many buildings
which were covered by water when the government
flooded the village in the 1950's.

We crossed the bridge to the village.
It was VERY high, 
and although stable,
when the wind blows,
you feel like you're going to be blown off into the water below.
It's a HUGE drop,
and even I,
who am not afraid of heights,
felt a bit woozy crossing.

I wish I had a photo of this bridge,
but do not.
I'll take one next year.

Most of us stay at Albergue Ultreia,
a wonderful place with both dorms and private rooms.
It is exceptionally clean and well-run.

Here is a wee photo of one of their private rooms.
You can see more photos on their website
at the following link:

Once we settled in, 
many of the ladies brought food and drink
and we had a celebration out on the balcony.
These ladies know how to party!

Note:  If you are interested in walking the Camino Santiago, 
but are not quite ready to go it alone, 
consider joining Annie
on one of our small, affordable Camino walks. 
For more information see our website 
at this link: AnnieWalkers Camino

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