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Finding magic under the stars of the Camino Santiago de Compostela

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Villafranca del Bierzo

The taxi delivered us just in time.
I had a case if the trots and needed to be near a bathroom 
and we were cold and wet and tired.

We stayed at Albergue La Piedra which has really nice private rooms upstairs. 

A double bed below and a twin above.

A chair makes out into another bed, so realistically 4 pilgrims could share.

I got Lottie settled into her room in the hotel across the street.

After a cup of coffee, Patty and I warmed up. 

The room is nice, 
with shelves and hangers for your things.

The local guardian, Conan, begged for belly rubs and gave us all our doggy fix.

Pam enjoyed a foot rub in the auto massage!

Tomorrow is an early taxi ride to O'Cebreiro 
and then the walk to Sarria where we pick up two new walkers.

Below, Laura is getting her bags ready to be picked up.
That huge rock runs all along the walls in this 
very cool albergue!

Photo by Patty Moak
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  1. Mum you look like you are enjoying that foot massage! Can't wait to hear everything when you get home.

    Annie - your blogspot is lovely and a great way for me to see what my mother is up to!

    Katherine (Pam's daughter)

  2. Hi Katherine. We have all fallen absolutely in love with your mum! Her positive attitude and infectious laugh has lightened many of my days. She has also absolutely smoked the rest of us on the trail! You have a great treasure there. I will miss her!


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