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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Train to Pamplona and Cassa Ibarrola Albergue

This morning I took the train from Sahagun to Pamplona to meet and pick up my group.  The train left at 11:10 and arrived at 2:45. Cost with my Tarjeta Dorada was about 20,85 euros. 

I booked lodging for 2 nights at Casa Ibarrola Albergue. I've always wanted to stay here. My bed is 18 euros per night. 

This a cool little place. The beds are capsules with a bit of privacy. There is a curtain you can close. Each has a private locker with a key. The locker is right in your sleeping space. 

Each bed has two electric plugs and a shelf where you can put your electronic device, although it is possible for your neighbor to reach over so I wouldn't  leave things unattended. 

The front door can only be opened with a key. 

The hospitalero asks that you empty your mochila into the locker and put your pack in a special room. This is to prevent bedbugs and feels like a good idea, although I'm weird about leaving my 'stuff' -  that little Arcteryx pack has been on more than 7 Caminos with me.

Boots are also kept in another room for the same reason. 

In that room is a washer/dryer. I believe it is 3 euro each for wash and dry. 

There is a nice well-stocked kitchen, stove, microwave, and plenty of markets around town. 

The showers are modern, clean and large. There is one for women and one for men. Each has two toilets and two showers. The women's bathroom has a hair dryer!

The hospitalero is very nice. 
Breakfast is included in the price. 
The location is great, in old town and near all the tapas joints. 

All in all I think this is a good choice. 
If you're in town, give me a hollar!

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