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Monday, November 16, 2015

Lorca - Between Puente la Reina and Estella

Walking Alone.

Today I stopped in Lorca for the night. What a cool little village! There are two albergues here and both are awesome. Last year I stayed in La Bodega del Camino. It was larger, with 8-10 beds to a dorm. They have a washing machine and dryer and a good bar.

This time I chose the Albergue across the street, Albergue de Lorca. I love it!  It has fewer amenities. For instance I had to wash my clothes in the bathroom sink. But there are only 4 beds to a room and the price is only 7 euros.

I had a fanastic ensalada mixta, did all my laundry, and spent the afternoon talking with some Canadians and Americans, including one Drew Virost from Ohio.

Someone on the forum asked ´"Where are all the Americans?"
Well, from what I have seen, they´re all on the Camino!

By the way, when you get to the spot on the Camino where it leaves the road and takes a steep trail down, right before Lorca, I stay on the road and follow it up to Lorca. I think whomever made these trails felt that pilgrims should suffer and they often go up and down, where straight ahead makes more sense.  The road is rarely used. Just stay to the side and pay attention and you'll beat everyone to town!

Beautiful walking today!

A good camping spot!

Sometimes a girl needs privacy

I had a great ensalida mixta here!
The owner is a sweetheart!
Adios Americano!
The Albergue at Lorca - a nice place!

Only 7 Euros to sleep here.

Drying peppers and nuts!

A really BIG woodpile!

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