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Monday, November 16, 2015

Santo Domingo del Calzada


Leaving Azofra, we planned to stop and visit
the monastery at San Millan.
Unfortunately, it was closed.

San Millán
 From there,
the walk was flat and easy
but the weather was chilly
and I just couldn't seem to get warm.

When we arrived in Santo Domingo,
the albergue was closed and did not open
until 4:30 pm.
This was before the beautiful new albergue was built.

I was so cold I was shivering,
and so I asked Joe to please go see if he could find lodging.
He was gone a long time,
and finally,
I was so cold,
that I walked across the street
to the Parador and I booked a room.
I put the charge on my credit card,
and didn't even pay attention to what it cost.
When I got home, I was shocked to see the hundreds of dollars
I had spent.

But you know what?
It was worth it!

I had a room with a bathtub!
I took 4 hot baths that afternoon.
And next morning,
a nice man arrived with breakfast in bed!

 There is a new albergue now,
and it is very nice.
I stayed there in 2013.
The only thing I was not happy about
was the fact that they wouldn't allow me to carry
my Pacer Poles to my room.
They wanted me to leave them downstairs.
When I asked why,
I was shocked to hear the answer.
Apparently, they have been used as weapons
by grouchy pilgrims!

Be sure to visit the church here
and see the altar with the chickens.
No photos are allowed,
but I think I may have a few tucked away I'll post later.

Walking Alone

The rain continues and I am cold and wet
but happy to be on The Way.

Tonight in Santo Domingo, 
I made the mistake of sleeping in the Albergue run by the Cistercian nuns.
 I had not stayed here before. 
And I will not stay here again. 

It was only 5 euros
 but for donativo I could have stayed in
 the nice modern new albergue up the road. 
Several of my roommates have left to stay there.
 I will stick it out but it is cold, damp, dirty,
 and the water is not hot. 

Tomorrow I wanted to stay at Viloria. 
I called but she said it was not possible.
I don't know if that means they are closed or complete. 
So I will walk to Belorado. 
Im still feeling punky so if its blowing rain 
i will bus to Granon and walk from there. 

No problem with breastfeeding in Spain!
Even the  Virgin Mother can do it in church!
Very nice Sun/Moon piece
The church art in Spain is meant to evoke emotion.
It does.

And yes, there really ARE chickens in the church!

Santo Domingo itself is great. 
The church is worth seeing.
 Lots of great art.  

But take my advice and stay at the Municipal.
It's warmer.

The kitchen was actually the highlight of the albergue.

Waiting to get in.

I shared a spartan room with one bicigrina

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