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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

To Burgos


In 2006, once we reached the outskirts of the city, 
the walk into Burgos was through 
a heavy industrial area where they were doing a lot
of earthmoving and dumping.

The first night we stayed in Casa de Peregrinos Emaus.
It was clean and comfortable
and the people there were very kind.
There were hours of silence,
shared meal, and Christian prayer.

The second night, we walked to the municipal 
which was in a park, Albergue El Parral.
It had 96 places and 15 tables outside.
There was no kitchen
and it was really not a very good experience.
The beds were crammed close together 
and it was very noisy.

We spent almost 8 hours visiting the Cathedral that year.
As you can see, it wasn't very busy.
I think there were may 10 people inside.
Outside, they were cleaning up the facade.


El Cid and his wife Jimena

Some say this is Mary Magdalene with HER child

Chairs in the choir

Lots of vegetative motifs in these Cathedrals. 

2012 Spring
In 2012, we took our Spring group of pilgrims to Burgos via Autobus.
We had to leave quite early in the morning to make the connection.

Waiting for the bus. Teresa looks sleepy.

Once we arrived and got everyone checked into their rooms,
I took a walk for about a kilometer
to a park, right on the outskirts of town,
where a huge fiesta was in full swing.
The people were packed in tight
and the cottonwood trees were dropping so much fuzz
it was difficult to breathe.
But it was fun,
walking around and trying the food.

Yes, they are pig's ears. No, I didn't like them!

Just a note, the choo-choo train ride is worth the cost.
The wee train takes you all around the city
to see things you might otherwise miss.

Joe and I had a quiet dinner in a local bar.

The Autumn trip was nice,
but as you can see, it was much drier.
Between Logroño and Burgos

Beautiful Burgos

The statues in Burgos are so cool!  Here's Joe between a fife and drum!

More statues.

The Museum of Evolution here is a World Class Museum and worth seeing.

Joe drinking at the Lion Fountain

This is a typical hotel bathroom. Love the tiny tubs!

In 2013, I walked alone and I spent 2 days in Burgos. 
I have so many photos of the Cathedral,
I will make separate blogs with those photos.
But here are a few of the museum and of Burgos.
Once again, I was there during a fiesta
and los gigantes were out and about.
It was fun watching the children watch the gigantes!

Looking at Burgos from the Museum steps

2014 Spring/Summer

In 2014, I decided to visit the Museu de Burgos,
which is worth seeing, and pretty much unknown
in the Camino community.
Hours are: 
Winter (October to June) :
  • Tuesday to Saturday: 10 to 14 and from 16 to 19 hours
  • Sunday / Holiday: 10 to 14 hours
Summer (July to September) :
  • Tuesday to Saturday: 10 to 14 and from 17 to 20 hours
  • Sunday / Holiday: 10 to 14 hours
Closed: Mondays, Sunday afternoons and holidays

It is on Calle Miranda 13, near the bus station.

Admission with my Credential was between €2 and €3. 
Here are a few photos.

Statue of Chestnut Woman

In the back you can see the mosaic floor from a Roman Villa

That year we stayed in the very frilly hotel,
Fernan Gonzales.
It was clean, and fun,
and the location was excellent.
It was a little run down, and I doubt we'll stay there again,
but I'm glad we tried it.

Policeman statue

Joe and his group enjoyed Burgos, but took no photos.
Nothing really had changed.
They stayed in the Londres y Norte Hotel

Los Gigantios

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