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Monday, November 16, 2015

To Logroño


The walk to Logroño was short and easy.

We laughed at this "scarecrow!"

Inside of the little Church of the Virgen of the Cave
We stayed in the Municipal Albergue.
When we arrived, there was a line of backpacks of people waiting to get in.  I had never seen this before. I went up to the front of the line to see if there was someone in charge I could ask about what time to check in. A German pilgrim gruffly told me to go to the end of the line!  I ignored him. I had no intentions of cutting in line - I just needed information. He must have been tired.

My pack is about half way up the line.
The albergue was clean, but packed.
Each person gets a private locker in which to keep their belongings.
The beds are close, but there is some privacy.
It was very hot and the air conditioning was broken.
However, as always, we were thankful to have a bed.

It was here we met Edeltraut, a woman who we would walk with for the next few days. She was delightful, always laughing!  She had walking sticks that she used to zoom through the fields. Many years later, we would cross paths with Edeltraut again on the Camino...

Spring Group

In Logrono, we stayed in Calfred II.
We reserved 3 apartments and all were quite nice!

Joe and I each took a private room here,
I was still sick and needed some rest.
Two of the walkers who had asked to stay with us
shared a twin double room.

The apartment had a nice large kitchen and a very nice deck.

We took advantage of the free washing machines offered at Calfred II and washed all our clothes. It's such a blessing not to have to hand wash. My socks actually are WHITE, not grey! Yay!

Logrono is a wonderful city. 
Some of the walkers will go for tapas tonight on Calle Laurel. 
Others will take advantage of the beautiful kitchen facilities in the Calfred II apartments and cook in. 

Joe enjoying the terrace
We spent some time exploring Cathedral Santa Maria la Redonda.

So much gold from the New World! 
The crucifixion scenes were life-sized and very realistic
Logrono has a famous street, Calle Laurel,
where tapas are famous!
We stopped for championes (mushrooms).
Oh... My... GOSH!
They were just delicious!

These are my Championes on the grill.
A few minutes later they were on a skewer with garlic sauce
stacked 3 high and served on fresh bread.
Those and a glass if tinto for 1,50 euros
are a specialty on Calle Laurel.

When we ordered our mushrooms,
we were given this little folded envelope.
Inside was a coupon for a free pincho!

It was a nice but early night for me.
See my post on tapas for photos of the wonderful things we ate!

I'm feeling much better. 
The cold is almost gone 
Just in time, too! 
Tomorrow morning we bus to Burgos.

See you there
View from the terrace

Autumn Group

It was a short walk from Viana to Logrono,
where I made reservations for the group
at Calfred II apartments.
I took a taxi, 
so I could arrive in time to get our rooms in order.
It wasn't long until the rest of the group began wandering in.

Edna, Patty and Linda arrived at Calfred II
and were ready for almuerzo!

Charmaine enjoys a drink.
Here in Logrono,
we picked up two more walkers.
Anita, from the USA,
was waiting for us.
She had arrived last night

Eileen showed up with her friend, Andrea.
They have been walking together,
but tomorrow we bus ahead and Andrea walks.
Andrea is from California,
very near my hometown.

Father Jeffrey is ready for the fiesta
which is going on in town tonight!

There were some great tapas to be eaten in Logrono!

And some really funny street performers!

Eileen and Anita looking at photos.

This place still has BEST mushroom tapas!
Some of the walkers stayed up for the fireworks!
Photo by Linda Hendricks

I walked alone

I got into Logrono after a short ( 11.5 k ) but cold and wet walk. 

Just as you reach the bridge in Logrono is a pilgrim info station. They were doing their best to help people find lodging, but by 10:30 this morning, pretty much everything except the municipal Albergue was completo.  I'm in such a crappy mood I thought I'd better get a private room for the night. Guess what? Nada!

I had resigned myself to staying in the municipal when I stumbled upon this little place and got their last single room. Within the 10 minutes I was standing there getting checked in, 7 people stopped to ask for a room. Is Logrono always this busy on a Saturday night?

My room has....a... BATHTUB!!!
It took 20 minutes to fill it
but I had the best soak since the VDLP.
It felt so good!

Anyway, I'm going to try to stick it out a few more days to see if the weather will take a turn. It is almost June for goodness sakes!  If Mr. Sun doesn't show his face soon, I may be headed to Barcelona or Lisbon or somewhere warm!

I took a siesta after my bath.

This afternoon, the sun has actually returned. People are out and about. Calle Laurel is busy and it's only 6:45 pm. 

I popped out for some tapas. I had grilled pork, grilled mushrooms, and some grilled tuna. For dessert, limon helado. I'm now happy and warm in my room. I think I will wait until around 9 to leave tomorrow. I'm only going to Navarette and I have a reserved bed

The Camino has really changed this year. It's difficult to find a bed unless you leave very early or you reserve. In the larger albergues it is not a problem. But in those villages where there are few beds, it can be a rude awakening. 

There were several good camping spots between Viana and Logrono for those who camp.

Sooo many good tapas here but my favorites
are at Taberna del Tio Blas.

A plate of grilled steak and another of grilled peppers makes for a nice light dinner for 4. 
It comes with a bottle of wine.  

The steak was tender and very flavorful. 
It arrived with a side of fries, bread, and a roasted red pepper. 

I made short work of the tile-full of roasted green peppers. 
They were flavored with olive oil and coarse salt. 


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