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Monday, November 16, 2015

To Navarette

Spring 2013

Well the throat is still sore but the sun is shining so I'm walking today. A short stage to Navarette and then I will see how I feel.

Joe took Emma, our granddaughter, to the March Against Monsanto yesterday. I wish I was there to join them. Monsanto is the Great Satan in my viewpoint.

Emma at her first protest!
In fact I have been wondering this morning if my sore throat was not due to walking by a farmer spraying his grapes yesterday with fungicide or pesticide. The wind was blowing and many of us got slimed. I covered my face and held my breath but with my MCS, this very well could be a reaction to the chemical. For once, I hope it is. I don't feel too bad except for the throat, which is a bit better this morning. 

"Wow!" Is what I have to say about today's walk. Yes, it was on senda all the way but the views were lovely.

What a gem of an Albergue I found today in Navarette!  Tucked away on a tiny street just as you enter the village, it offers peace, quiet, and spectacular views of the Camino.

There are two private rooms priced at 25 euros and single dorm beds are 10 euros. Some dorm beds are bunks. Some are singles. They also offer free lockers. 

There is a great little kitchen with stove, fridge, and microwave. Wi-fi is free and a full sized computer can be used for a small fee.

The showers are clean and hot. There is a sink for doing hand wash and a washer/dryer can be rented. 

A little tienda with all a peregrino needs can be found down the block from the church and there are several bars and restaurants to be found. 

The village has one street of original medieval houses and the retablo in this church is nothing short of spectacular!  We're talking World Heritage quality. 

Last but not least is the very friendly hospitalero and son of the owners, Angel. He speaks beautiful English and is very helpful.  It was a VERY friendly and affordable place with a lovely hospitalero who is trying to establish himself against all odds. The mayor is apparently more friendly with other albergues in the area, and this fellow has to fight just to place his signs.

Rather than staying in noisy Logrono, consider this sweet little Albergue. Buses run all day to Logrono and back so if you want to run into Logrono for tapas, it will only cost you 1,60 for the bus. Or if you would like to stay late in Logronou, you could share a taxi back. 
The walk out of Logrono is lovely

Navarette is up ahead

The dorms at La Casa del Peregrino in Navarette,
 one of my favorite albergues!

Watch for that backwards flecha as you enter town

Look back and to your right

This hand made flag marks the spot!

I ended up staying here two days.
 It is inexpensive and since it is going to rain tomorrow, I think I will try to stay warm and dry. Also, I can go to the farmacia here tomorrow for some cold meds. 

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