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Monday, November 16, 2015

To Torres del Rio

Crowned Jesus at Torres del Rio

In 2006 we walked through Torres del Rio, stopping for a rest.

Joe and Annie on the way to Sansol
At the Iglesia de Santo Sepulcro, we paid a lady €1 to visit. It was a worthwhile stop to see the inside of the building. Because of it's octogonal shape and similarity in construction to the church at Eunate, many believe it originally belonged to the Knights Templar. 

The ceiling is beautiful

The octogonal cylinder is flanked by 2 smaller cylinders.

I also found an interesting cemetery here and stopped to take photos. It is a hobby of mine, submitting the photos to find-a-grave, so people doing genealogy might find their lost relatives.


In 2013, I slept in Torres del Rio at Casa Mariela.
The place was friendly and clean.

However, I did find a bedbug crawling around next morning.

I feel really sad for the owners of these albergues.
It must be frustrating to work so hard to have a nice place,
and then have pilgrims, some ignorant, some irresponsible,
bring bedbugs into the lodgings.

Anyway, the village is sweet, and Casa Mariela is a fine place to stay. 
I would give certainly stay there again.

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