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Monday, November 16, 2015

To Uterga


From Trinidad de Arre we got an early start to Uterga.
We chose to walk only about 18-20 kilometers.
I had heard about a tiny albergue in Uterga that had only 1 bunkbed,
and I really wanted to stay there.

It was a wonderful walk through fields, up a hill and past the huge windmills of Alto del perdon. The walk took 7 hours. We were BUSHED!  

The obligatory Perdon photo

Where we are going...

Please close the cattle gate

We are beginning to see waymarks everywhere

Statue of the Virgin before Uterga

Uterga had a great place for dinner and a cold beer
 Once we reached Uterga, we found the tiny albergue and found another peregrina had arrived before us. She was a Mexican girl named Jessica. The tiny albergue was simple, but clean and FREE!  There was a shower with hot water, a toilet and a sink. A pair of bunkbeds slept 2 pilgrims with a mat underneath that a 3d pilgrim (Joe) could pull out onto the floor.  

We washed our clothes, soaked our feet in the icy cold fountain, and then took a rest in the shade. The Camino had taken care of us again.

Later we had ensalada, fritas, and cold beer at the 2d albergue up the road.

We heard there was Mass at Eunate, but were too weary to walk.  
Another day, another Mass.

Jessica and I in front of the Albergue

Jessica sorting out her "stuff."

After a great night's sleep, we headed out next morning for Ciraqui

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