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Saturday, December 05, 2015

Review of the Bluefield Poncho

In looking for an inexpensive alternative 
to the ALTUS poncho, 
I found this Bluefield Poncho online 
and ordered it from

The poncho came in a cute little bag, 
much like the ALTUS.  

Right away, 
I noticed the weight was much lighter 
than the ALTUS.

It was difficult getting the poncho out of the bag, 
and I thought to myself,
"I'll never be able to repack this!"

Once I got it out, 
the first thing I noticed was 
that it did not zip all the way 
down the front,
like the ALTUS.

At first, I was happy,
but then I put on the poncho, 
and immediately I realized several things:

First, I love the ALTUS 
because I do not have to 
constantly take it off and put it on while walking.

If it stops raining, 
I can simply
take my arms out and let it hang off the pack
and in all these years, 
it's never blown off.

Then when it rains again,
I just slip in my arms and voila!
That would be impossible with this poncho.

The length was good.
The arms were a bit long for me.
But it would cover my body and keep me dry.

Or rather, I THOUGHT it would keep me dry.

But then . . .
after about 3 minutes . . .
I began to sweat.

And I realized 
this poncho would NEVER work for me!!!
I was burning up,
sweating, sweating,
and there was no way to vent the damned thing!

Getting out of it was not easy,
especially when I was so hot.
I wanted out.. .NOW!

I finally escaped.
I tossed the whole package on my dresser.

Tomorrow I'll pack it back 
into its cute little sack (if I can),
and send it back to Amazon.

So far, the ALTUS has this thing beat in my book.

Even for the great price of $16.98,
it would be a waste,
because I would never wear it.

Joe says, 
'It's the difference between buying a car 
with 4 wheels,
and 3!"

And I agree.

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