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Monday, November 16, 2015

To Obanos


Down the rocky trail I continued, thinking I would stop at Uterga for the night. But after a bowl of stick-to-your-ribs lentils and a Nestea, I thought I could make four more kilometers to Obanos. 

This Albergue has 36 beds. 
After seeing how many pilgrims were rushing on 
to Puente la Reina, 
this seemed like a good place to settle in. 

I found a nice little bar and am hanging out here 
for another 30 minutes. 
The rain has started and I'm hoping it is clear for tomorrow. 

By the time the hospitalero arrived, 
there were several pilgrims waiting 
and we were all freezing to death. 
An icy wind was blowing and we couldn't wait to get inside.

Trouble is, it was colder INSIDE than out,
 and the hospitalero was not very welcoming.

When we asked for blankets, 
he firmly told us NO BLANKETS, 
that we were pilgrims and should have a saco de dormer! 
 Well, I did have a sleeping bag, 
but even with it, I was cold, as were others.

Our complaining got us an invitation to leave, 
but after about 10 pilgrims begged for blankets,
 he finally relented. 
What a mean man!

I will never stay there again, 
nor can I recommend anyone stays in Obanos
 until they get a friendlier hospitaliero.

That was one town that I shook the dust off my feet when I left!
It's unfortunate, because the albergue itself is lovely,
with a nice kitchen (if the fellow lets you use it!)

The beds were clean and nicely spaced

Drying racks were provided but it was too cold for anything to dry.

Pilgrim boots. Walking on that icy floor was hell!

I tried to use the microwave in the kitchen. He followed me in and eyeballed me like I was going to steal the silver or something. What a kook!

Here he is. The meanest man on the Camino!

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