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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

An Umbrella for the Camino 2018

Here's a photo to show you my top loading pack.
Can you see the straps on the side?
That's where I stuck the umbrella
There is some discussion about umbrellas on the Camino today and my vote is YES! 
By all means, carry one!

Up until last year, I thought it was funny to see people with umbrellas on the Camino.
Then last year, on a very hot day, I bought one.

And now, I'm addicted.
It's one of my favorite pieces of Camino gear.

First of all, I bought a bright purple one last year, 
so the color was cheerful on dark rainy days.

Second, when it DID rain, I stayed absolutely dry.

Last, on hot days, I bet it was 20 degrees cooler under that umbrella.
The sun would be baking other pilgrims,
who would be sweating and sucking down water.
I would be walking under cool shade,
very comfortable.

I'll never go without one again.

I don't take my umbrella with me.
I will buy one in Spain.
I bought the last one for 8 euros.
And not a folding one.
Those will break in the wind.
Nope.. a sturdy regular old umbrella.
Stood up the entire route.
I left it in Santiago when I came home.
Didn't want to mess with checking it on the plane.

Walking the Madrid route, I had shade all the way.

This is how I store it when I am not using it.

I have a top loading pack, so I stuck the umbrella in the side straps on one side,
and my bread or walking sticks on the other side.
It was great.
I could just reach back when I needed it.

Another photo of my backpack.
See where I have my walking stick in this photo?
That's where I put my umbrella.
So.. think about it.
You don't have to decide until you reach Pamplona.
There will be plenty of places to pick up an umbrella there.
Buen Camino!

PS: In Spain it is called a "paraguas"
para-aguas = for rain
as opposed to a
para-sol = for sun

I love Spanish!

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  1. Took an expensive folding trek umbrella with me the time I crossed the Meseta -- mostly for sun protection. Loved it. Lost it somewhere around Villafranca.

    Like your idea of buying one in spain.


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