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Finding magic under the stars of the Camino Santiago de Compostela

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dinner in Castañeda

To me, this is the BEST dinner on the Camino. 
For only 9 euros, all the grilled ribs you can eat, fried potatoes, ensalada mixta, all the wine you can drink, bread and dessert!!


Bar Santiago in Castañeda, right on the Camino!

Monday, June 18, 2018

To Castañeda- Part 2


Watch out for those cows!

Resting at La Calleja. 

To Castañeda - part 1

A great example of a community washing station where women would come to wash clothes. 

Pigs going to market. 

Breakfast break

Dinner in Melide

Today we had a short day to Castañeda. There was a detour into Castañeda, but the walking was still nice. I was happy to arrive early, as the afternoons are beginning to get HOT!

But first, some photos of last night’s dinner!  

Melon y jamon 

Ensalada mixta

Grilled pork with batatas 

Grilled patron peppers. 

We were three happy Peregrinas!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Penis Church

Many pilgrims walk right on past the Church of Santa Maria de Leboreiro. But I’ve discovered a secret there that I like to show my pilgrims, mostly to see if any have an educated explanation for the carved penis decorating its wall. 

Yup that’s right. 
There’s a penis on the wall of the Church. 
Fertility symbol!?
Power symbol?!
Anyone know for sure?

The rest of the little Church is quite pretty inside. 
We did notice a young woman and old man snickering a bit as they noticed us noticing the carving. What’s up with that?  Lol!

One of the few black-haired Madonna and Jesus statues I’ve seen in Spain. 

Some pretty graphic frescos of Jesus being flogged. 


Saturday, June 16, 2018

To Palas de Rei

This is where local women came to wash their clothes. 

An old Celtic style horreo. 

Dinner at Casa Roan

Vegetable soup


Stewed Goat with saffron potatoes 

Strawberries with yogurt and dark chocolate 

Casa Roan y Casa Grande


As we walked toward Palas de Rei from Portomarin, we came across an archaeological site called Castromaior. Here is what the internet says about this ancient Celtic site. 

This partially-excavated hill fortification lies beside the Way of St James and is believed to have been occupied up until approximately the 1st century.

It stands an a small knoll offering a panoramic view of the Miño's right bank; however, as this was not rough terrain, a number of defensive elements had to be constructed, giving this settlement its unique character.

An intricate system of ditches, walls, embankments and palisades surrounded the access to the village of houses with straight, regular walls, grouped into neighbourhoods

An interpretive center and museum is eventually planned for the site. 

I walked to the ruins but Carol felt she was too tired. However, after seeing the photos I took, she decided to visit, especially since acreslly cute Spanish bicigrino offered to help her up and down the hill!  

The ruins were spectacular and not out of the way at all as you can walk around them and rejoin the Camino on the other side. 

Worth stopping to see. 

Well!  That deserved a beer stop!